We at Pitza Cano Hyde park aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Yorkshire. Give us feedback.

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Lovely food! Very generous, just missing sweetcorn off my pizza.

Tanya, 06Nov17

Best Pizza I've had from you. Perfect crust

Joe, 08Apr17

I love you guys so much thank you for the pizza always the best thanks again guys thanks

Benji Bown, 14Feb16

Very very good food

Rozina, 14Feb16

Very very good food

Rozina , 14Feb16

Great as per

Jonny, 14Feb16

Great food

Sam , 14Feb16

Great food, great price

Sam Leeming , 14Feb16

Tasty pizzas!

Rico, 12Feb16

The best in Leeds !!

Aaron, 10Feb16

Gleeg Gleeg I love the cano

Mouldy Thom Gleeg, 09Feb16

Very nice, thank you

Ruth, 07Feb16

Love cano more than my own mother (

Kit, 07Feb16

You are on your A Game always

Kitty , 07Feb16

Its no right,But its okay,I'll get canoo anyway!

Steve Cosherry, 07Feb16


Nancy, 07Feb16

Best pizza in Leeds! Excellent value for money!

Becky, 06Feb16

yah good

Mollly, 06Feb16

My mind it's telling me nooooBut my body,My BODYIs telling me cannooooooo

Guy Cosherry, 06Feb16


C, 05Feb16

great service as always !! the best in leeds

Aaron, 01Feb16

it waz gr8. freebies would b appreciated. ty )

Nicky, 31Jan16

Yummy I just ate a whole pizza argh

Jenny , 30Jan16

Was well fucking good

Osama, 29Jan16

I dread the day I leave uni and can-no longer cano .

Steve Coshema, 29Jan16


Boney G, 27Jan16